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Portrait of Puget Sound - At Home in the Garden
Author: Prinzing, Debra
Portrait of Puget Sound Volume 8, 2005 Page 108-112
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Sunset - Barbecues & Outdoor Kitchens
Author: Steve Cory & the editors of Sunset Books
ISBN: 0-376-01044-4
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Curb Appeal
Editor: Don Vandervort & Sunset Books
ISBN: 0-376-001167
This project featured in Sunset's new book Curb Appeal
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Home and Garden Magazine
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Sunset Magazine - Watching the Garden Grow
Author: Bowling, Mary Jo
Sunset Magazine - Pacific Northwest Edition June 2002 Page 116
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Sunset Magazine - A Deck for All Seasons
Author: Bertelsen, Ann
Sunset Magazine - Pacific Northwest Edition April 2002 Page 136
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